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Pulperia Cordobesa

What is it?

Personalized Experiences

Discover the fascinating world of wine and immerse yourself in an expanding terroir, with our exclusive experience of Cordoba wineries for companies. Let us take your team on a sensory journey through the majestic mountain ranges and growing vineyards of this region.

Our Cordoba winery experience offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history of wine in Córdoba and discover first-hand how the local terroir is gaining recognition. During the experience, we will share our knowledge and passion for wine, providing an educational and entertaining experience.

From the moment we started uncorking the carefully selected wines. You will be guided through the production areas, where we invite you on a sensory journey. We will learn about the secrets of the art of wine while enjoying it. Paired with delicious local products that will enhance the unique flavors of each wine.

Our Cordoba winery experience not only provides a memorable day in a picturesque setting, but also fosters teamwork and camaraderie through shared activities and enriching conversations.

Let us help you create an unforgettable experience for the whole team, where they can enjoy and get to know an expanding terroir like Cordoba. Contact us and together we will design a personalized program. Discover the charm of Cordoba wineries and immerse yourself in the passion for wine!"