Live the Passion of the Cordoba Store

Córdoba redoubled its commitment and became a renowned wine region in recent years. It is located between latitudes 30° to 32.5° South and at an altitude ranging from 400 to 1200 meters above sea level. This covers geographic and geological factors such as climate, hydrography, soil composition and its variations, as well as the hand of man. It is divided into regions that are five productive valleys and each one has its particularity. Its wineries offer to visit their vineyards and facilities and learn about their production process. The quality of the wines are already recognized internationally, many awarded.

Discover our experiences

We coordinate and organize experiences with tastings in Cordovan wineries and vineyards, lasting half a day, 1 day or 2 days. All with the monitoring and coordination of our Sommeliers. We provide a comprehensive service, which goes from the reception of the tourist, the accompaniment and guide of the experience until the end of it.

Wine Projects

Small productions, great wines, Córdoba has more than 40 wine projects, a great diversity of terroirs and landscapes. The quality of its wines are already of international prestige and many have been awarded.

About us

We are a team passionate about Wine, that is why we decided to develop Pulperia Cordobesa. Our goal is to bring our wines to each gathering or gathering so that you can enjoy the products of Córdoba. At Pulperia we propose to communicate and disseminate Products from Córdoba, The Wine Roads and the Production Roads. We are passionate about creating events that bring the products we offer closer together.